Interview with Susan Walsh

Jamie Levy 0:00 Good morning, Susan. Welcome to PDN her podcast. Susan 0:03 Thanks very much for having me. Jamie Levy 0:06 Nice to meet you. And I know we’ve got a wonderful recording today ready for all the crew out there who are listening. Yeah. And looking forward to hear some of these answers … Read more

Interview with Stuart Griffin

Stuart Griffin

Jamie Levy founder pdnhub speaks with Stuart Griffin – experienced CPO and Interim – about the following: How he got into procurement and why he moved into consultancy Targeting procurement teams top down vs bottom up and his views Is procurement changing or is it just a blip? Finally a quickfire round of questions SUMMARY … Read more

Supplier Management and What Is It?

Supplier Management and what it means? | Procurement Development Network

I have seen many people talk about this subject over the last few years as risk has grown on the agenda and yet I have seen so few people define it. I would always start a definition by looking this up on the internet. A quick google search turns up 856m results and finds in the first … Read more

Interview with Oliver Mountain

Oliver Mountain

  SUMMARY KEYWORDS Procurement, business, people, independent consultants, terms, company, supply chain, interesting, moment, question, non exec, years, organisation, products, worked, industry, staff, cost, career, number. Jamie Levy; founder pdnhub speaks with Oliver Mountain –  experienced CPO, Co Founder Proctopus and Chartered Surveyor – about the following: How he got into procurement and why he … Read more

Stakeholder Management and Why Do We Do It

PDN Hub | Stakeholder Management and Why Do We Do It

So why is stakeholder management so important? There are so many reasons that people say we should do this and everyone is talking about it at the moment but does the time we spend on this activity add any value?  Read More: Category Management: The Ultimate Procurement Resource There are so many techniques and so many ways people teach us about identifying … Read more

Purchasing Managers Index: What Does It Mean?

PDN Hub | Purchasing Managers Index and What Does It Mean to Me

There is a really useful tool called the Purchasing Managers Index for those of you who have never heard of it. You will see it referred to in many commercial papers, investment features, and regular news reports on television and the internet.  Read More: How to Write A Successful Tender Document I had heard of … Read more

Case Study; Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Risk

Procurement Development Network | PDN Hub

Always carry out a full risk assessment of the supply chain especially when you are new into the situation. Results of work: • 30% savings on spend of £3m. • Reduced the risk of supply disruption for the future thus reducing risk throughout the value chain