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And here’s The Big Idea…

You are a CEO or CFO of a company turning over $20M to $300M

You know there’s a way of tapping more profit.

You’ve tried selling more – you’re always up-skilling your sales team – but the benefits never seem to drop through to the bottom line.

… is there is another way???

Did you know that in the SME Sector most companies spend between 40% and 60% of their revenue straight out of the back door!

You’ll know that a small reduction in expenditure can make a BIG difference to profits! Right?

Procurement Development Network

Our experts have been in business for decades, we’ve turned around businesses and we’ve also saved companies millions.

We walk the talk.

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There is a new way to improve company profits – by buying better!

We’re not talking instant miracles – like a 10% or 20% increase in profits in 3 weeks. We’re realistic about what you can achieve.

But we ARE talking about, meaningful, lasting, impactful change to your company’s bottom line. It won’t be easy and will mean change, but we will GUARANTEE massive benefits.

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Consider world-class athletes. They train for the long term.

They don’t expect to make an instant 10% increase in performance through short-term training.

But what they DO do is small, incremental improvements.

The weightlifter adding one rep to their third set.

The runner, taking a tenth of a second off their 400-meter time.

The cyclist adding half a mile to their daily long-distance training.

Over time these small changes compound up and make a phenomenal difference in performance.

We can help you do that to your company profit performance too!

Actually, it’s not strictly true what I said earlier about not finding massive gains quickly. Sometimes it’s possible to save and make millions in a short timeframe – but we’ll come onto that later!

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How do we do it

We take you and your team, and train you in industry leading best practice in tools and techniques such as

- Tendering with suppliers
- Stakeholder management
- Team dynamics
- Supplier Dynamics
- Commercial leverage analysis with suppliers
- Risk analysis with your supply chain

Who we are

We bring you best practice from the world of procurement – in a way that ordinary people can learn and deliver.

- No fancy certifications or long MBA style programs
- No qualifications that take years to achieve
- No theoretical analysis that will end up buried in a filing system

We provide, tried and tested, real life techniques developed by practitioners in the procurement industry that are easy to use with just a little training.

What’s our track record?

Here's a case study.


Consider Aggreko – a global mobile power company. They had a problem. In fact, they had a big cost center that was draining revenue and hurting the bottom line. They were spending massive amounts of money on moving products across North America, so much so that logistics was a cost center to the business. One of our team took on the project to fix this issue and deliver transformational results.

Our tools and techniques, we will teach you and your people, delivered these market-leading results.

Within 12 months Aggreko spent significantly less on moving products, in fact, what had been a cost center, was transformed into a revenue-generating profit center!

Over a timeframe of just 12 months, the project delivered savings of 52% on a spend of $24m, saving Aggreko over $12m – which of course went straight to the bottom line.

This new way of looking at what had been a cost center was then replicated throughout other divisions across the globe, multiplying the savings!

Here's another one...


A large insurance firm provided a whole host of insurance products to consumers and businesses. One part of their offerings would always include legal support. Internally the business has a small number of attorneys but they also had a roster of many external attorneys, and THEIR COSTS come straight off and reduce the profit.

It didn’t matter if there was a claim under motor insurance, home insurance, or professional indemnity insurance as any claim that went legal had to be serviced by an attorney.

The hourly rates for the attorneys on both sides can be fixed at a certain level when a panel is created.

However One of the issues that were overlooked was that the cost of engaging the attorneys was not just their time, but also traveling time and expenses, and this could be significant when traveling from one side of the country to the other.

So ...

One of our team was hired to reduce costs.

They looked at the issues and used the tools and techniques we’ll teach you and your team.

Within the insurance company, they built a cross-functional team, investigated the issues, made recommendations, and had these implemented.

The outcome?

Savings of 4.2M per year – And – here’s the kicker – happier stakeholders INCLUDING the attorneys!

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Attend our training and you’ll find out how such transformations are possible.

With the right attitude and our training YOUR company will start doing an analysis of everything related to suppliers, transform the way it deals with its multitude of suppliers both internally and externally, and end up saving – and making you – a whole load of extra profit WHILST at the same time keeping your suppliers happier and wanting to work with your company.

Sound impossible?

Let’s look at your situation again.

You’re a CEO or CFO of a good solid company. You feel it in your gut that a lot more of your revenue should be dropping through to the bottom line.

You know it’s got something to do with the way you handle your suppliers but are always too busy to look into it.

You don’t know how to make the changes, or even where to start.

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You don’t have the budget to hire a professional procurement team and are not sure of what the cost vs benefit or Return on Investment would be.

You know you’ve got money going out the back door that’s being wasted but needs to focus on revenue and want to plug the flow.

You know you can make more profit.

You’ve put your people through formal sales training – you’ve got a great sales team and they are delivering exceptional results.

That’s not the issue. Your people are closing sales, generating revenue, making a great commission for themselves, however, you just don’t seem to be able to hang on to as much of that cash, the bottom line is always disappointing, the profit just isn’t there.

You’ve built a great company; you’ve made your family and peers proud of your achievements.

Yet somehow you know you can make your company even better.

Imagine if you had the profit that you could retain to invest in growth, sales, marketing, teams, management, acquisition of a competitor, or even investment in new tech which would skyrocket your presence or impact.

However, when you speak to investors or funders, they look at your books and say “Sorry, the cash flow just isn’t there to make this happen.”

No matter what you do, It just never quite works!

Free Webinar | PDN Hub

“Everyone loves to spend money.”

However, when you speak to investors or funders, they look at your books and say “Sorry, the cash flow just isn’t there to make this happen.” Click here to learn more.

No matter what you do, It just never quite works!

Your staff – I’m sure they’re great at what they do. A lot of them may be almost as passionate about your company as you are!

So – let’s recap.

You’re a busy person running the company.

You can’t be responsible for every nickel and dime that goes out the back door.

It’s not your fault, you have more important things to worry about.

It’s not your teams’ fault either.

The thing is – Sales Training is everywhere; it seems like everyone does it!

But … Training for Buying is NOT !

Just like the example of the athletes making small, incremental changes to compound up to massive results.

We can work with you and your team to help you strengthen your buying skills.

No one is teaching this stuff out there!

Sure, there’s the world of “Procurement Training” but that’s meant for the dedicated consultants going into the Blue Chip world, or hardened practitioners working in large corporates.

With our hard-won experience at the coal face actually delivering these results and training teams, we can bring the best of all of the Procurement theory out there and transform you and your team into purchasing ninjas!

How do we do this?

We offer Face to Face training for you and your team, or if you prefer training on a more “on-demand” basis we offer an online course. You can mix and match as you like.

All face to face, all online, or some face to face and some online. But – whichever you choose – you get the following benefits.

Live support in one of our support groups.

Live support in one of our support groups.

Access to our roster of Procurement Professionals with their decades of experience.

Book a call – today – with Craig or Jamie - our founders – and we’ll make it happen for you.

We don’t work with everyone, we want to work with people we can genuinely bring massive benefits to.

We know then that we can bring immense value and get you on the road to where you want to be.

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