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Are you fairly new to the wonderful world of Procurement?

Do you want to take your buying career to the next level?

OR – Are you the CEO or CFO of a company WITHOUT professional buying expertise, you know you could do better, but just don’t know how?  Sounds like You need the services of one of our Mentors!

Register below and we’ll be in contact!


Are you a Seasoned Professional looking for your next challenge? 

Have a had a long illustrious career as a professional buyer?

Do other procurement professionals look up to you?

If so, We’re looking for YOU to become one of our Mentors!

Register below and we’ll be in contact!

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Do you sometimes wish you had a little bit more expertise in something? Do you wish you had someone that could help guide you along the path? Have you had times where you just want someone to hold you accountable for the actions that you said you would do but have not done? All of this tells us that you need a mentor.

We all know there’s a lot of talk about mentors out there. You will hear a lot of people saying: “you need to get a mentor, it will be the best thing you have ever done for your career.”

The question is, where do you find that mentor?

Well look no further as we have the answer!

In our mentor exchange, skilled individuals offer up their time, skills, and wealth of experience help you deliver faster and easier, and develop as an individual.

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