Do You Sometimes Think You Could Have Negotiated Better?

Do you sometimes kick yourself when you have bought something? You think to yourself:

  • “Wow, I forgot to ask that question”
  • “D’oh I forgot to negotiate!”
  • “If only I’d known the market for widgets is flat right now!”
  • “Why am I focussing on price when delivery time is more important?”

Our tools and techniques will help you to ask these questions and many more – in a simple, step-by-step way.

Problem Solving Real Life Example


“I was working for a client and stuck on a problem. Haven’t we all been there before?! We just can’t see the way forwards and can’t see how to get out of the problem.

By using the template that we have here the answer was simple. I just followed the steps on the one-page problem-solving template and the solution just popped into my brain.

The one template I used is a proven method called P.I.S.A.R. It was taught to me and developed by PDN Hub. We want to share it with you to make your life easier. This is one of many techniques and tools we want to share you.”

We Offer Tools, Templates and Teachable Learning.

  • Instructor Led 2 day In-Depth Course 
  • Self-Paced “Mooc” Style Online Training Program

Tricks and Tips to Make Your Company More Profitable


There are many great time saving and money saving techniques included in our training materials. Everything is explained in a simple step by step method. Everything you might need to consider for each situation is included so you never again forget to think about “Ah, what about that ?!”

We also include templates for download which are very useful for step by step guides.

We Offer Two Types of Training

  • Instructor Led 2 day In-Depth Course 
  • Self-Paced “Moc” Style Online Training Program

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