Team Member Jamie Levy

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Les Anderson – Advisor, Consultant and Non-Executive Director

I have known Jamie for over 15 years and found him to be one of the most knowledgeable and skilled in his field. Jamie is particularly skilled in his research and due diligence … He has an outstanding record which in full is to his aforementioned technical skills but also how he fosters positive relationships and team working with people. He is motivated and driven to achieve results and provide strategic direction particularly in how he has successfully turned around failing businesses.

Oliver Eckart – Brand Maker,
CMO, Digital Consultant

I worked with Jamie whilst he was working with Fitness First in Australia and I was located in the UK. I found that working with Jamie was always a pleasure. He regularly challenged our thinking whilst also providing an outstanding procurement service. He was always ready to do the best for the business and clearly is driven to achieve goals over and above those set for him. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jamie to work with any marketing department.

Lew Grant – Initiate Capital Investment Consultant

Jamie and I have worked together in a number of client organisations. Jamie is a remarkably effective operator who invariably delivers real benefit to the business. He’s an incisive thinker who produces results and commands respect from those around him. I would always be glad to work with him.

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Team Member Craig Greenhouse

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Sourav Sinha
Entrepreneur | Digital Transformation Specialist

It was great working with Craig. We worked together for a few months and the relationship was very smooth. He is very easy to deal with. A very straight forward person who is allways approachable. Highly recommended and I wish him all the best in all his future endeavours.

Jane Bayler
🚀  I Help Entrepreneurs Grow their Businesses

Craig is a very smart and personable expert. He is also very lively, fun and engaging – no moment is a dull one with Craig as he is a true people person who really cares about everyone he brings into his inner circle. I highly recommend you speak to Craig if you are an investor looking for interesting opportunities or a business founder looking to scale your business.

Martin Godfrey Legido

Hi , Cant help but give another rec to this guy ….as a Director of this company, he managed his way through a tricky and demanding situation to create a successful outcome and exit the company, keeping a GSH all the while. He is financially and tech-savvy and a real problem solver. Helped me out recently with a tricky Franchise problem as well. He will surely solve your business problems!

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